About AKDL

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& Capabilities

Do you have a challenging or a special design project? No matter at which stage you need support, whether it’s just a thought, sketch or almost finished design concept you want to launch: get in touch.

Services Include:

Brand identity
Brand localization
High-profile personal marks
Type design
Arabic contemporary calligraphy

Brand strategy
Space branding
Brand guidelines
Editorial design
Information design
Packaging design

Through easy, honest, and flexible relationship, the work and communication can be done with you whet her you are an individual, corporate or an agency.


Dubai, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudia Arabia, Germany, UK, Morocco, Egypt, Syria


Going deeper into innovation and design thinking as a methodology. In addition to creating a relevant brand communication and marketing platform to help to promote his offerings to maximize the exposure of the brand entity.

To focus on the core capabilities in Arabic typography and localizing designs plus expanding the offerings In training, digital media, UI, UX, content development and marketing, while