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Qatar Foundation

Doha – Qatar

Arabic type design

This font has full rights protection by Qatar Foundation.

Arabic exclusive typeface for Qatar Foundation it has been used across a huge amount of branding spaces, signage, all kinds of events, conferences, sub-brands, and more.

The idea of the font is not out of the box, it was done to match “perfectly” with FF DIN as this was the Latin font used by the corporation, but every time I look at it and the way it’s used I see the success in delivering messages with clarity, efficiency while maintaining the correct character of the brand.

I want to make a point out of this case, as recently we see different waves of Arabic type design trends, some say that this style can be considered “Latinized” or so, I might agree with that to some degree but we still in the area of finding some right personality for the Arabic type that can work with the modern design space and contemporary branding including “corporate”

I know many type designers might disagree, but It is safe to say that this style (when done well) has proven its success to this date and is still preferred by a wide range of corporate (and other) brands over many other “new” type design trends. It is also safe to say that this style of Arabic type design was not explored enough in this journey of design evolution where we all need to learn and work very hard, although we need to innovate and move forward, we can’t drop something behind while we don’t have a better alternative yet.

The typeface used nicely and artistically in these posters of Qatar National Library

And inside Education City “Posters”